Phil's torn bicep (separation of distal tendon)
(photos from internet...My arm appears in bottom row)


Top row:   Pain & limited range. Bruise forms 2 days later. Distal tendon con-
nects bicep to forearm just below elbow. Provides lifting power.
Row 2:     Surgical procedure to reattach tendon below elbow (very graphic!)
Row 3: Post operative splint has range-limiting feature
Row 4:   X-ray shows metal anchor in forearm to hold reattached tendon.
Bottom:   Observe my recovery! Photos by my daughter, Janet. She is 7˝.

My bruise looked like this, but was below the elbow joint. Ouch!! My tendon broke clean away from forearm bone
Distal Bicep Tendon Rupture

Surgical procedure to reattach tendon. My 'S' shape incision was only 2". Just over half of this patient.

Biceps Tendon
Repair Surgery

Right elbow. Surgical incision outlined by marker

Intraoperative picture
torn biceps tendon

Front view

Intraoperative picture
torn biceps tendon

Side View

Post op splint limits range. Each week, a "cast technician" dials a larger degree of freedom.
But in my case, it was not set properly. I had almost full freedom of extension from the start!

Xray of titanium anchor just below elbow. Center: overhead view - looking down
Final results at right (bicep belongs to Charles Atlas)

Now, it's Jančt's turn to tell you about Daddy. She took these photos --even the middle one.

LEFT: Last Friday, Daddy came
home from the hospital like this...
MIDDLE: 10 days later, Dad gets
this mechanical thingy. It has dials,
knobs, buttons & gauges. I love it!
RIGHT:  Kitty, is not certain this is
really Dad. I told her to use her nose
- not her eyes. "It smells like Daddy!"
Daddy's Progress -according to Janet